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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Second Amendment supporters swarm Clarke supervisors meeting

Tuesday night, there was nowhere to park outside the Berryville-Clarke County Government Center or anywhere nearby along Chalmers Court. Nor was there much room in public areas of the two-story building to stand, let alone sit. A crowd estimated by county Emergency Services Director Brian Lichty at “350-plus” attended the Clarke County Board of Supervisors’ evening session. All but a few were there because of their interests in gun rights, which they had heard would be discussed during the meeting, even though it wasn’t on the agenda. More than 40 people addressed the supervisors during a public comment period. Most asked them to adopt a resolution declaring the county to be a Second Amendment sanctuary out of fear that the 2020 General Assembly, when in convenes in Richmond in January, will pass laws restricting Virginians’ ability to own and use firearms as part of proposed gun control measures. Lichty approximated that at least 250 people were in the meeting room. That was about 100 more than it was designed to accommodate. People filled the seats and stood along three walls. Several sat on the floor. Those who couldn’t get into the room waited outside its doors and elsewhere in the building. But their presence made county officials aware of their concerns about proposed state legislation.  [full article]

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