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VA – GUN RIGHTS – The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Is Sweeping Virginia

A sea change came to Virginia on election day. Democrats won majority control of both houses of the legislature – for the first time in over 20 years. The new power brokers have taken their win to move the state markedly left on many issues, but especially gun control. Prefiled bills in the statehouse would make Virginia swing from a state that broadly respects gun rights to one of the most restrictive if passed.  Gun owners have risen to challenge the proposals, not in the legislature just yet, but at the county and city levels.  Under a massive pressure wall, those local governments have, at a furious pace, adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, forbidding local officials from acting in opposition to the Second Amendment. While legislative leaders had no control over the convening of the session, they asserted their power just after it started, ending the farce within 90 minutes of its beginning.  Republican Speaker of the House Kirk Cox accused Northam of “an election-year stunt.” That may be just what it was, and effective too, given the results in November.  [full article]

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