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If you’d happened to visit Recoil Firearms in Detroit on a particular Saturday in August, you would have been treated to the sight of a crowd hundreds-deep waiting to go inside. It was no ordinary day for the shooting range; in fact, it was shut down to outside patrons entirely. This was a private affair, exclusively for women who want to learn how to shoot. The safety briefing line stretched down the sidewalk—all the people were dutifully masked and patient, as volunteers checked their temperatures. The line for the range itself wrapped in the opposite direction, around a corner and to the end of the building. This crowd was made up of hundreds of women, young and old, tall and short, black and white and everything in between. There were Trump masks and Obama masks, Black Lives Matter shirts and Make America Great Again shirts—all adorning people patiently waiting to be introduced to firearms. The annual event is the brainchild of Rick Ector, a computer engineer who became a firearms instructor after his job was outsourced overseas. Rick recalls reading a story nine years ago of a woman being abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered. Her body was dumped in a garbage can. It’s a horrific story that repeats itself with alarming frequency in Detroit. Dubbed the most-dangerous city in Michigan, and routinely ranking as one of the most-dangerous in the nation, the city annually records hundreds of carjackings, thousands of robberies and assaults and, in 2019, nearly a thousand recorded incidents of rape. The city surpassed the prior year’s homicides just halfway through 2020, even though they hired 300 additional officers. Rick began carrying after his own brush with crime. In 2006, he was robbed at gunpoint in his own garage, prompting him to take advantage of Michigan’s freshly implemented shall-issue laws by getting his concealed pistol license. Bitten by the training bug, he began taking as many NRA firearms classes as he could find, and then instructor-level classes; he obtained his NRA instructor certificate—among many others.  [full article]

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