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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Virginia postpones restrictive gun legislation so the battle rages on

For many decades, Virginia had a well-deserved reputation as a highly civil place where people of different viewpoints accommodated each other and got along, and as a state with a relatively honest and competent government. It is the last place that people expected to have a political civil war. The battle was ignited by the Democratic governor and the new state Democratic legislature declaring war on gun owners. Virginia had been a state with few gun restrictions and wide gun ownership — and with a low crime and murder rate. The proposed legislation would place severe restrictions on what guns Virginians could own and the size of the magazines. On Monday morning (February 17) in a surprise Virginia Senate committee vote, four Democrats joined with the Republicans to shelve the bill until next year. Perhaps, half of the guns in the state would be illegal, under the proposed legislation. Virginia has almost nine million people, and the ATF estimates that there are many more guns than people in the United States so it is safe to say that there are at least 10 million guns in the state. If half of these guns are going to be illegal (which are probably mainly the high-end firearms) — the total replacement value of those guns is likely to be in the range of $5 billion dollars. Of course, the politicians in Richmond did not budget for the purchase of the guns. But, by making guns worthless, it is, in essence, stealing gun owners’ property.  [full article]

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