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VA – GUN RIGHTS – Warren citizens ask to form militia-type group

Citizens have asked the Board of Supervisors to approve a resolution establishing a militia or similar armed organization bearing a different name, continuing the statewide trend of gun owner reaction to the General Assembly’s consideration of a package of gun control proposals.  Sam Haun presented a proposed resolution to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, saying that “the reason that we brought this before you is because it is a constitutional right for us as citizens to have a militia.” This is on the heels of over 1,000 citizens packing E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School for a December public hearing in which the supervisors declared Warren County a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” Shenandoah County, along with other localities throughout Virginia, has approved a similar resolution.  Due to misconceptions of the word “militia,” Haun noted that “we thought about calling it an organization.”

“Basically what we wanted to do is be able to help the community. We wanted to have trained personnel to be there to help with mass casualties if that were to happen. It would be kind of an auxiliary force for law enforcement,” he said.  [full article]

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