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VA – GUN RIGHTS – ‘We don’t need weapons of war’: Va. Gov. Northam reacts to failed assault weapons ban

Twenty-four hours after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s assault weapons ban failed to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee, ABC 7 caught up with the Democrat at an event in Reston. “I served in the United States Army,” said Northam. “I took care of soldiers. I know what weapons of war do to human beings and it’s my thought and opinion that we don’t need weapons of war in our society.” Four Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted with Republicans to send HB 961 to be studied by the Virginia Crime Commission. ABC 7 Northern Virginia Bureau Chief Tim Barber asked the governor what compromises he would be willing to make to get the bill passed next year. “Well, we made some compromises [already]. I think it’s a good common-sense approach. Again, it’s going to go to the crime commission and it’s going to be studied some more.” The bill also looked to ban magazines with more than 12-rounds, silencers, and trigger activators. ABC 7’s Barber asked the governor if Democrats got greedy with the bill and why the governor thinks it didn’t pass. “Well, obviously I am disappointed, you know, this is something that has been very important to me. It is very important to Virginians.” The governor went on to say, “We still have seven bills that are moving forward so, you know, I think at the end of the day we will have a good legislative package that will keep Virginians safer.” Republican State Senator Amanda Chase, who is now running for governor in Virginia, believes responsible gun owners are the best method for keeping the Commonwealth safe. ABC 7 FaceTimed her from Richmond where she now carries her own gun to work in the General Assembly and was known for being armed on the Senate floor, until it was outlawed this year. The senator told ABC 7 she hopes she never has to use it. “The people of Virginia are demanding that someone, anybody that is in power, please stand up and defend the Second Amendment,” said Chase. “If I am going to continue to do the law-abiding work of the people I am going to have to arm myself, so I went through all the training, got the licensing and all that and I will just tell you– I won’t miss.”  [full article]

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