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VA – GUN SAFETY – Every door to be replaced at Amherst Co. schools to provide more safety (VIDEO)

Amherst County schools are replacing every door in each school to provide more safety. The current doors in Amherst Elementary allow someone with bad intentions to knock out a pane, reach in and open the door. The new doors will be much more difficult to break down if outside threats arise. “People can easily get into a classroom if they want to get in we put a door with a higher safety rating as well as it makes it harder for someone who is trying to get into a room with ill intent,” said Dr. William Wells, the Amherst County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent. Every teacher will have a specific key to their classroom and doors will be to be locked from the inside. Amherst County Schools also added another layer of safety earlier in the school year. Every school now has vestibules or areas at school entrances that direct all visitors into a main office area to get clearance from staff before they get access to the school. “Our whole purpose of this is to control access, get the visitors into the office to be seen in the office first and if there’s a reason for them to go into the school, that’s fine,” Assistant Superintendent William Wells said. “We just wanted to make sure we know who’s in our building.” Construction began after the Thanksgiving break. Wells says the final touches should be completed by June. Students and faculty should not be impacted by construction.  [full article]

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