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VA – GUN SHOWS – First Richmond gun show since new gun control laws took effect sees ‘record demand’ (VIDEO)

Thousands turned out this weekend for the first gun show in Richmond since the new universal background checks laws took effect earlier this summer. It was also the first event of its kind since the coronavirus pandemic began back in March, according to the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Some have speculated that anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, months of civil unrest, and a slew of new gun control laws in Virginia are contributing to above-average sales for the gun industry. According to data collected by Virginia State Police, 64,350 background checks were requested by federally licensed gun dealers in July 2020. That’s more than double the amount requested in July 2019. The increase follows a record-setting month for estimated sales. June 2020 saw the highest total since VSP started recording this data in 1990 with 81,204 transactions. Before the event started Saturday, the Showmaster’s website advised customers to come later in the day to avoid wait times and accommodate occupancy limits amid the pandemic. Showmasters President Annette Elliott said it has been difficult to keep up with high demand and slowed production. “The dealers are running out of guns. They’re running out of ammo. Even the manufacturers are backed up,” Elliott said. Firearms Vendor Higinio Jimenez said he sold out before the first day of the show wrapped up. “That’s way above average,” Jimenez said. Asked why he thinks sales are up, Jimenez said, “Easy answer–just turn on your TV. Just look around and see what’s going on.”  [full article]

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