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VA – GUN SHOWS – Showmasters, Inc. resumes gun shows with changes in COVID-19 protocol (VIDEO)

Showmasters, Inc. is hosting its first gun show since being forced to cancel previous events due to COVID-19. The “Nation’s Gun Show,” at the Chantilly Expo Center was canceled in November after Governor Ralph Northam placed capacity limits on events, capping them at 250 people. In Response, Showmasters filed a lawsuit aimed at allowing the gun show to be exempt from the 250 person rule. However, Fairfax County Circuit Court ruled the capacity limit must be kept. Now, the shows have been resumed but with some changes for safety. “At the ticket booths we’re selling the masks and if they really give us too much lip we tell them to leave and that we can’t have them in the show but usually once we tell them ‘sorry we have to have you do it’ they say ‘okay I’ll get the mask and they’ll put it on,’” Showmasters Manager Michael Gelles said. Showmasters says they’re planning on hosting another gun in Augusta County in late January.  [view source]

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