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VA – MEDIA – Media Paints Virginia 2A Supporters as White Nationalists

Tens of thousands of gun rights advocates journeyed to Virginia to defend the Second Amendment (2A), yet the mainstream media painted another picture, one that grouped 2A defenders with neo-Nazis. As Fox News reported, “several news outlets pushed the claim that the rally was made up of ‘white supremacists’ or ‘white nationalists.’ Instead, they got a rally that was so peaceful that the protesters even picked up their own trash when they were done.” The rally was sparked by Virgina’s Governor Ralph Northam and the state’s majority Democrat legislature, which passed laws instating checks and red-flag restrictions preventing law-abiding citizens from exercising their 2A rights. Virginia’s 2A rally was preceded by smaller rallies populated around neighboring districts, with some yielding as high as 500 attendees. Across the board, pro-2A Virginians invoked the messaging of the earliest Americans to remind lawmakers of their rights to bear arms — even if some lawmakers felt they were “scary.” Social media documented the voices of citizens sincerely worried about their Second Amendment rights and journeying to Virginia to defend that right to protect their homes and families. Meanwhile mainstream media painted another picture, one that grouped the 2A protesters with neo-Nazis.  [full article]

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