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VA – NRA – How bad are things at the NRA?

Their president was ousted. Their top lobbyist resigned over allegations he engaged in an extortion scheme to kick out the chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. Board members are resigning regularly, saying they’ve lost confidence in the group’s leadership. They’re spending more money than they take in, and they’re in a brutal legal battle with their former ad agency. Oh, and there are investigations into their tax-exempt status. The National Rifle Association is having a hard time these days, and it comes right as Washington seems to have reached an inflection point on guns, when some key players are acknowledging the gun-control laws the NRA adamantly opposes might not actually be a bad thing. But there is no question that the turbulence — the turnover, the resignation of so many board members — it definitely brings questions about the organization’s ability. But I wouldn’t underestimate the NRA’s ability to ride it out. Still, we’ve seen in the last couple years gun control groups really gain strength and momentum and fundraising power, and they’re not going away. So the challenges facing the NRA are stronger than ever.  [full article]

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