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VA – NRA – NRA Reformers Confront a Board Built to Protect the Boss

Alarmed by reports of mismanagement and worried over the future of the National Rifle Association, a loose faction of the group’s members, directors, and donors have pushed for dramatic changes, including the resignation of its longtime leader, Wayne LaPierre. But their campaign has run smack into the organization’s own board, which has been structured to shield insiders from challenges to the status quo. “Wayne loyalists control the board at this point,” said Rob Pincus, spokesman for Save the Second, a nonprofit organization set up by NRA members who are seeking to reform the gun group from within. Its demands include shrinking the board from its unusually large size of 76 members to 31 (typical nonprofit boards have 20 or fewer members). The organizers also want the NRA to impose term limits and attendance requirements for directors. The group’s efforts have been opposed by the NRA’s longtime leadership, Pincus said. “They have been manipulating the bylaws and procedures for a couple of decades to make it hard for anyone to remove them.” According to those bylaws, officers and executives can be booted by a vote of three-fourths of the organization’s executive committee. The committee is composed of the president (Carolyn Meadows), one of the two vice presidents (Charles Cotton and Willes Lee, both staunch LaPierre allies), and 20 additional board members selected by the board’s Nominating Committee, which critics say is controlled by LaPierre acolytes.  [full article]

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