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VA – NRA – Restoring Our Rights: President Trump’s Work On The Federal Judiciary Is Far From Over

The 2016 elections seem like an eternity ago, to me, considering all that has happened since Donald Trump was elected president. And while much has changed, some constants remain as the final stages of the 2020 elections loom ahead. As was the case in 2016, one of the critical considerations for voting gun owners is the federal judiciary. Four years ago, candidate Trump broke new campaign ground when he released his short list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court of the United States. It was that list of reasoned, accomplished jurists—ones who had shown they respected the original intent of the authors of our Constitution and Bill of Rights—that solidified the support for Trump among countless voters. That support has paid tangible dividends. In June, President Trump hit an amazing milestone, when his 200th judicial nominee was confirmed. He not only filled every federal circuit court vacancy, but set a new mark for the number of appellate court appointments for any president at the same stage of his presidency. To give you a better perspective of the rate at which President Trump is working to reshape the federal judiciary, as I write this, he is approaching the number of circuit court appointments made by President Obama over his TWO terms. That’s truly impressive, but in reality, it’s merely a good start. It is unrealistic to expect a complete overhaul of the federal courts in one four-year term, even with Trump—aided by the Mitch McConnell-led U.S. Senate—working at a record-setting pace.

And make no mistake, an overhaul is long overdue.  [full article]

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