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VA – OPINION – Trump Judicial Appointees Lend Extra Weight To Second Amendment Litigation

In the closing months of 2020, Americans were riveted by the dramatic spectacle of national politics, and with good reason. Freedom was on the ballot to a historic degree. But the genius of our constitutional republic is reflected in the many checks and balances the Founders built into the American government. The ambitions of the political branches are still subject to review by the courts. Judicial rulings can curb overreach and the creeping abuse of power. The good news for Second Amendment supporters is that one of the most important and enduring legacies of President Trump’s tenure in the White House has been and will be his judicial appointments—most recently with the nomination and confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. No president before him has acted with more swiftness and urgency in appointing judges who will help cement our founding ideals into American law, including our right to keep and bear arms. And this, in turn, lends even greater significance to the many legal efforts your NRA is shepherding through the federal courts to advance these rights. Justice Barrett was the third of Trump’s Supreme Court appointments, a remarkable achievement for a first presidential term. Like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh before her, she is committed to interpreting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights according to their original meaning, or how the public would have understood them at the time they were adopted. This was the same analytical approach that Justice Antonin Scalia used in authoring the landmark 2008 decision District of Columbia v. Heller, which authoritatively resolved the status of the Second Amendment as an individual right grounded in the concept of defense. Since 2008, the NRA has patiently continued the painstaking work of supporting Second Amendment cases through the long march towards the U.S. Supreme Court.  [full article]

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