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VA – RETAILERS – Arlington ammunition sales up 339% from last year

Gun rights activists from across the country filled the state capital on January 20th to protest local Democrats’ push for comprehensive gun control. That response was obvious — but not all reactions to possible gun control legislation are quite so conspicuous. AmmunitionToGo.com, an online ammunition retailer based in Houston, Texas, recently recorded a massive upsurge in their web traffic and sales in the state of Virginia. The company reports the number of Virginians accessing their website in 2020 has increased by 137 percent as compared to the same time period in the previous year. Their revenue from sales to Virginia accordingly increased by 174 percent. Virginia, once one of AmmunitionToGo.com’s top 20 markets, has skyrocketed to the top five among far more populous states including California and Texas. “I doubt that any other businesses are affected as much by politics as firearm and ammunition manufacturers and retailers,” said Brandon Black of AmmunitionToGo.com. “We’re now seeing a massive number of Virginia shooters stocking up on ammunition in anticipation of new laws that they believe will make it harder to purchase rounds legally.” Americans are no strangers to stocking up on goods that will soon become prohibited. On January 16th, 1920, liquor store shelves were stripped dry before prohibition took effect the following day. Countless smokers filled their humidors with Cuban cigars in the days leading up to the 1962 trade embargo. John F. Kennedy himself bought 1,200. Bump stock manufacturers’ websites frequently crashed during the weeks preceding the 2019 ban – even though the rifle accessories would not be grandfathered in legally. It would seem nothing quite drives up sales more than impending scarcity.  [full article]

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