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VA – RETAILERS – Gun store managers feel targeted by proposed sales tax on firearms and ammunition (VIDEO)

The proposed 15 percent sales tax is more than double the current tax on firearms and ammunition leaving lots of gun store owners on edge. Del. Sam Rasoul, a Democrat, introduced House Bill 1687 that would establish the Violence Intervention and Prevention Fund that would distribute “grants to localities and organizations for the purpose of improving public health and safety by supporting effective violence reduction initiatives in communities that are disproportionately impacted by violence, particularly homicides, shootings, and aggravated assaults.” To get the fund, the bill would impose a 15 percent tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition. Store Manager for Indian Rock Tactical, Jason Campbell, says that they are directing these bills at the wrong people. “Everybody harps on guns used in crimes, well, very few people actually go to a gun store to buy a gun to commit a crime with,” said Campbell. He says that criminals can’t pass a background check at gun stores if they are a convicted felon. “They’re getting their guns on the street, so it’s not going to affect them. None of this is going to affect them,” said Campbell. Campbell says that if this bill passes then it will affect them tremendously.  [full article]

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