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VA – SELF-PROTECTION – VA legislation to require in-person training for concealed carry handgun permits starting Jan. 1 (VIDEO)

Starting January 1, 2021, anyone who applies for a Virginia concealed handgun permit must be trained in person, changing previous legislation that allowed people to receive a permit through online training. “You can apply up through December 31 for a concealed handgun permit by doing a class online, but after that, anybody who applies January 1st on, that will have to been an in-person class for your certification,” said Jon Zug, circuit court clerk for Albemarle County. House Bill 264 and 263, signed into law by Governor Northam, removes the option of the online training certification. This changes former Virginia codes that did not require permit holders to physically demonstrate handgun competence. “Before this law went into effect, you could get any type of certification from a qualified person to do it, but that means the course could’ve been totally online and you would’ve never had to handle a gun,” Zug said. Mandatory in-person training could throw a wrench in people’s plans to obtain a permit, especially for those isolating due to COVID-19. Zug said although most shooting portions of trainings are socially distanced by nature, in-person trainings will need to change their formatting to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines. “It may mean that the courses people take end up being a bit longer because of the social distance that has to occur until we have the vaccine,” he explained. Anyone who has already received a permit, regardless of they received it online or in-person, does not need to reapply for a new permit come January 1. The new guidelines only apply to those applying for a permit for the first time.  [view source]

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