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Home » VA – TRAINING – Colonial Heights gun range to Black Lives Matter: ‘You’re not welcome here’ (VIDEO)

VA – TRAINING – Colonial Heights gun range to Black Lives Matter: ‘You’re not welcome here’ (VIDEO)

There are strong sentiments after a Colonial Heights business posted a sign in its store saying if you’re associated with Black Lives Matter, “you’re not welcome here.” The company received a huge amount of backlash in just a matter of hours. The store’s customers said they love going to The Smoking Gun, saying the staff is friendly and professional. It’s why so many were taken off guard by a sign that left them hurt. “Where you go to pay, it’s right there. You can’t miss it,” Jhovan Galberth said pointing to the sign. “If you are anti-police, anti-military, associated with Cop Block, {or} Black Lives Matter (because all lives matter), stay off of my range. You are not welcome here. Period,” the sign says. “I thought it was a joke. I didn’t think that it was real…At this time, this is definitely one of those ideas you kind of want to keep to yourself at this moment. It’s just something that would cause more pain than anything,” Randus Ayres, owner of nearby restaurant Charlotte’s Chicken and Waffles, said. Within hours, there was a social media firestorm. That’s when the gun range took to Facebook to clarify. “We are against those within the Black Lives Matter organization that are calling for burning down businesses, harming police officers and causing chaos. We realize this isn’t the case with everyone involved with the movement…We believe that ALL LIVES MATTER. Being one race does not set you above another.”  [full article]

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