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VA – TRAINING – How Physical Fitness Will Improve Competitive Shooting Performance

It’s no secret that shooting requires accurate use of specific muscles and muscle groups. While competitive shooters will spend many hours at great expense working on their match rigs, we often forget about what has to drive that gear. Exercise is drastically important to vitality, and being in shape will help increase your scores. About seven years ago, I decided my health needed a major overhaul. Years of bad diet, inactivity, smoking and drinking had me 50 pounds overweight. At my worst, I was barely able to my put socks on, and my lung capacity would be exhausted before walking up a flight of steps. After meeting someone in their 50s who was in better shape than I could ever dream to be in, I made a pact with myself to improve. After years of exercise coupled with diet and lifestyle changes, I found that life became much easier. Another pleasant realization was that my range sessions did not take such a toll on me that they had in the past. My scores reflected this improvement. Finding the intersection of two life-defining passions, research and experimentation resulted in specific workouts that helped me reach both personal and marksmanship goals. Over time, I determined that fitness for shooting revolved around four specific areas—strength, endurance, stability and flexibility. Strength for support, endurance for continued steadiness and flexibility for comfort in different shooting positions. This article shares what I found worked the best for my particular situation. [full article]

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