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WA – GUN POLITICS – Appeals court shoots down challenge to Jefferson gun-range law

Jefferson County’s 2018 law regulating commercial shooting ranges is a valid exercise of the county’s police power and does not violate state or federal constitutional rights to bear arms, according to a state Court of Appeals opinion. In November 2018, after the county adopted rules governing the permitted operation of shooting ranges in unincorporated areas, Sequim resident Joe D’Amico’s Fort Discovery Corp. and three other plaintiffs sought to invalidate the new rules by suing the county in Clallam County Superior Court. In particular, the lawsuit took issue with a provision restricting shooting at commercial ranges after dark, arguing it violates state law, the state constitution and federal Second Amendment rights. Attorney Greg Overstreet, who represents Fort Discovery and the other plaintiffs, said they are still weighing a potential appeal — a decision that must be made within 20 days — before the opinion, issued Wednesday, becomes an official court mandate. “If I know Joe D’Amico, we will probably file an appeal with the state Supreme Court,” he said. Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney James Kennedy said he’s happy with the outcome after two years of waiting. “Countless hours were spent researching and briefing this case because the Plaintiffs wrongly tried to turn the County’s ordinance into an attack on gun rights,” Kennedy said in an emailed statement, pointing out that the ordinance balances the right to bear arms with the need to protect public safety and the environment. “Jefferson County is not anti-gun or anti-gun rights,” he said.  [full article]


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