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WA – GUN POLITICS – Push for new gun laws triggers passion at Senate hearing

Ira Moser of Snohomish and some friends are coming to the state Capitol a lot lately to talk about one subject: guns. They’re gun owners. They’re concerned lawmakers may impose new restrictions on them and their firearms. So they showed up Monday for a two-hour Senate committee hearing on bills limiting the capacity of gun magazines, requiring training for those with concealed weapon licenses, and imposing longer sentences for the use of stolen firearms. Moser said he’ll return Tuesday morning when a House panel considers proposals to ban assault weapons, require background checks on ammunition purchases, and to erase a state pre-emption on local gun control laws. “We’re guys that just shoot together and we’re motivated to keep our rights,” he explained. Jane Weiss of Snohomish is traveling to Olympia as often. She’s come to press lawmakers to limit the capacity of magazines, a move she considers a common-sense step. Her motivation is her niece, Veronika Weiss, who was slain in 2014 in a mass shooting in Isla Vista, California. The shooter used a pistol with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. Proposed legislation would set a 10-round maximum. “I am using my voice because she doesn’t have one,” Weiss said Monday. These two days of hearings are opening arguments in a conversation expected to last the entire 60-day session.  [full article]

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