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WA – GUN POLITICS – Washington voters support limits on high-capacity gun magazines — but lawmakers still may not act

A new poll shows broad support among Washington voters for regulating or banning high-capacity magazines for guns. Yet at the state Legislature, which began a new, 60-day session in Olympia this week, passing such a measure doesn’t appear to be at the top of lawmakers’ agenda when it comes to gun legislation this year. Instead, leading Democratic lawmakers talk emphatically about how they need to centralize the state’s system of background checks, a step they say will ensure the checks are more effective at keeping firearms away from people with disqualifying convictions or arrests. Banning high-capacity magazines, while supported by many Democratic lawmakers, is a far less certain prospect. “It’s too early for me to say whether that has a likely chance or not,” said state Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig, D-Spokane, who said members of his caucus still need to have more discussions about the issue. Even Gov. Jay Inslee, who is championing the legislation along with state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, speaks of banning high-capacity magazines as more of an ambitious goal than a likelihood.  [full article]

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