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WA – GUN RIGHTS – North Idaho Rep. Heather Scott reaps the glory — and the consequences — of being one of Matt Shea’s biggest allies

At these gatherings in northeast Washington, the jackboot of tyranny is always said to be descending, the hand of the federal government always inches away from stealing your guns, your land, your freedom to speak or to pray. But at this particular “God and Country” celebration in June of 2016, the sense of impending doom among these self-proclaimed patriots has a grim weight to it. Blood had been spilled. Cops had gunned down militia member LaVoy Finicum during the armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Washington state Rep. Matt Shea visited Malheur during the occupation, and now at this gathering in Stevens County the following June, he’s leading a roundtable titled “You Should Be Scared,” warning the crowd that what happened to Finicum could happen to them. “That could be any single one of us that just says ‘no’ one day,” the Republican Spokane Valley legislator says. “Any single one of us!” But then Shea introduces one of the reasons he’s hopeful: The “finest legislator of the state of Idaho,” a woman who “has people so scared in Idaho that even the speaker now is afraid to have her in his office.” “Representative Heather Scott, get up here!” Shea yells, and the crowd whistles and cheers. Scott, a small woman with long brown hair and just a hint of Holly Hunter in her voice, tells the crowd that some people think Idaho is safe because it’s dominated by Republicans. “No, we’re not safe,” Scott says. “We’re allowing refugees into our state. Last week, we lit up our Capitol with rainbow colors.” She used to be complacent, she says. A few years earlier, she didn’t know anything about politics or even bother to vote. A message from God changed all that.  [full article]

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