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WA – GUN SAFETY – Recent protests linked to rising gun sales but new owners may face legal hurdles

At Wade’s Gun Shop in Bellevue, Michael Bollen visited the gun store Wednesday while on a mission to add another pistol to his arsenal on the heels of rcent protests and civil unrest that have boiled over in Seattle recently. “People reassess what’s important to them in life,” he said while shopping for a new weapon. Wade Gaughran, owner of the gun shop and shooting range, said most of his customers are new. “Sixty-five percent of our customers were brand new (and) had never owned any type of firearm before,” he said. The influx of new customers has brought a new focus on the state’s gun laws and what owners can legally do with their weapons. Dave Workman, editor-in-chief of Gunmag.com, said he concerned about new gun owners who may not have a solid grasp on what is legal and what is not with their new weapon. “They could end up being charged with a crime if they decide to take the law into their own hands,” he said. Under the state’s legal defense law commonly known as the Castle Doctrine, gun owners are allowed to shoot someone in self defense if there is an immediate threat to their lives, regardless of if they are at home, in a business or out on the street. “You have no duty to retreat from an attack once that attack starts,” Workman said, who adds that there are exceptions to the law.  [full article]


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