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WA – GUN SAFETY – Washington awarded $1 million for school shooting prevention training (VIDEO)

With gun violence on the rise and the start of school coming up, Washington state parents want to know if their kids are going to be safe. Congress recently approved nearly $1 billion for school safety, with $1 million going to Washington state. With some states deciding to use the money for better reaction to shootings, state superintendent Chris Reykdal says they prefer to focus on prevention. Washington is spending the money on training programs in districts throughout the state to show teachers how to spot students who are at-risk of doing something terrible way before they have a chance to carry it out. Specifically, training teams in schools and in communities. “The answer is not in preparing for violence when violence occurs, it’s stopping it from occurring in the first place.” “They know when a student appears to be at risk of harming themselves or others,” Reykdal said. “They know who the counselor is and maybe the law enforcement connection, the community mental health. They have an action plan and they can go quickly.”  [full article]

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