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WA – LE – Yakima County Sheriff Udell says people backing him on stance against new gun law

Since Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell said in January that he won’t enforce parts of a voter-approved gun control law, he’s heard from people on both sides of the issue. Some of them say his stance against enforcing a provision requiring people to securely store firearms is putting the community in danger. But Udell, who took office in January, said he’s also heard from people who support him in standing up against a law he perceives as unconstitutional. While he hasn’t had a situation where his deputies had to deal with someone violating the storage provisions or age requirements, Udell said he will still use his discretion to not enforce the law in those situations. In November, voters approved Initiative 1639, which made several changes to Washington’s gun regulations. The changes include barring people from under 21 from buying semi-automatic rifles, requiring enhanced background checks and training to purchase a semi-automatic rifle. The law, which took effect July 1, also allows gun owners to be held criminally liable if they fail to secure their firearms and someone who is not allowed to have a firearm gets it.  [full article]

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