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Watchable Wildlife VIDEOS

He’s an Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer and He’s Only 13 3:52 min.

Josiah Launstein takes you on a shoot with some bighorn sheep and shows off some serious camera skills (and a lot of patience).

11 Tips to Photograph Wild Animals Without Getting Killed 9:47 min.

I wanted to use my Tamron 150-600mm lens and see how it worked photographing wildlife. I don’t have much experience with wildlife photography so I called up my father. He shot for National Geographic, the Audubon Society, and many other magazines for years.

Wildlife in the Backyard at Night! 2:04 min.

Raccoon, Skunk, Fox, Cat, Black Bear, Possum, Rabbit and more! A sample of wildlife passing through a backyard in the Great Smoky Mountains captured with a Bushnell night vision trail and game camera.

Three mountain lions walk up to our front door. 2:33 min.

Looking for directions?

Eco Impact – Watching Wildlife 12:05 min.

Watching wildlife is not only good for the soul, but it’s also good for the economy. This story looks at the positive impacts wildlife viewing has on Arizona’s economy.

Bears in Banff National Park – Travel Alberta, Canada 2:11 min.

Wildlife viewing on a road trip or guided tour in Banff National Park is just one of the many authentic wilderness experiences in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies.

Funniest Wildlife Photography | 2016 4:03 min.

The Comedy of Wildlife Photography.

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