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Waterfowl Hunting VIDEOS

North Dakota October Mallard Hunt with White Rock Decoys  3:36 min.

The White Rock Decoys team hits the golden wheat fields of North Dakota.

“Ducktoberfest” | Mississippi River Second Opener Duck Hunt  3:33 MIN.

It’s the FEST time of year to be a Mississippi River Rat. Our second opener was this weekend and a new push of birds showed right on cue! Ever wondered if you can kill ducks over goose decoys? Check this out! As our season starts to kick into high gear, enjoy the latest installment of the Nomad Chronicles documenting our Mississippi River Second Opener Duck Hunt.

Alberta Canada Waterfowl Hunting  3:58 min.

Alberta Canada Duck and Goose Hunting the likes of which you’ve always dreamed. The Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters experience entails mostly dry-field hunting for mallards, pintails, Canada geese, cackler geese, snow geese and more specklebelly geese then you’ll find elsewhere in Canada

2017-2018 Waterfowl Hunting Highlight Reel  2:37 min.

Highlight Reel from the 2017-2018 Waterfowl Hunting Season

Why We Waterfowl Hunt  2:28 min.

Why do you enjoy waterfowl hunting? We are often asked what is so fun about spending hours outside in the elements. Shooting limits of ducks or geese makes up for cold, rain, or snow, but how can a waterfowl hunt make up for the time and trouble it takes to be a part of something so special. You’ll only know if and when you do it.

Ruffling Feathers | In the Woods with Phil Robertson  8:16 min.

A short clip from this premiere episode of “In the Woods with Phil” got Phil Robertson CENSORED on Facebook. Where do they think food comes from?! Just wait’ll you see this FREE episode right here!

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