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We Know That You Know What’s Coming From Trump Central

If you’re forced to give, just remember that at some point you’ll get it back

Bob Rogers

Politics which often sounds compromising rarely are. President Trump hates compromise. He prefers deals; those that go his way. Universal background checks are not what he prefers because he knows that his debt to the NRA comes with a price: no compromise. Yet to get over the reelection hump, he’ll have little choice but to buck the trend favored by most gun owners: no universal background checks.

That all changed (conveniently for gun controllers) in Odessa, Texas and it’s becoming likely that Trump will have no choice but to cave to the Democrats on at least one cog of the background check wheel, private sale of guns. What has been somewhat of a tradition of passage, gun owners have enjoyed trading their guns for somebody else’s guns just because they could. Need was not an issue. Liking what someone else has that you don’t was always available for a price.

The Odessa case underlined the danger involved in selling a legal private gun to somebody you don’t know. Money talks and too often it says the wrong things. Odessa was the wrong thing. The shooter bought his gun privately after failing a legal background check conducted by a retailer via the NICS program. Thus he was sufficiently armed to create havoc and murder, which he did.

Gun dealers have made an impenetrable position for themselves with the help of the NSSF, the ATF, the FBI and the choice made long ago by the NRA to acquiesce to some measure of regulation if only just to look good.

The announcement by Walmart to curtail the sale of some of their ammunition and guns, while cheered as a major victory for the gun grabbers – it isn’t – provides a benefit to the Mom and Pop gun dealers who were forced to give up significant sales when the big boxes became the shopping habit of gun owners due to the massive variety of outdoor products, plus the carnival of outdoor atmosphere one felt upon entering a huge basketball court-sized store.

Trump isn’t about to interfere with small retailer commerce, so he’s not likely to propose the universal prescription that would hurt retail gun commerce. Private gun sales are less politically volatile yet gives the Dems something to crow about. And they will. It’ll seem like a major political victory over the NRA  and they’ll take that all the way to the bank via their propaganda media partners.

Concessions in anything competitive is anathema but, in this case, for gun owners it’s more of just a fall-back position. The bigger prize awaits November 3, 2020. Keep your eye on it.

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