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Bison, Bulls & Bears

It didn’t take long for a family from Illinois to acquire a taste for the eye candy that is Yellowstone National Park. Not only is the nation’s first national park scenery gorgeous, Old Faithful and the colorful hydrothermal hot springs not withstanding, the treasure trove of wildlife everywhere is to be cherished in picture after picture to be saved, reviewed and shared with friends and neighbors. So, too, are those usually rare and scary moments when people with less sense than blood sugar venture too close to one of the three potentially terrorizing critters that they’d just love to muzzle up to and pet; bison, bull elk and bears. It’s rare that such close encounters happen outside the park unless you’re hunting but, within Yellowstone, the place that is sometimes imagined by slickers from the city as a petting zoo, such activity can be deadly.

Most people have to see it to believe it, thus a few examples of what could happen if you break the rules are seen as possible in this week’s replay of….

Bison Chases a Crowd at Old Faithful, 2:03 min

This video includes two perspectives. The first segment is shot from a distance, while the second was filmed by one of the visitors being chased.

Young girl hurt after bison throws her into the air at Yellowstone, 1:06 min

A 9-year-old girl from Odessa, Florida was hurt after being tossed into the air by the bull bison at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone bison in rut surrounds woman on motorcycle. 1:33 min.

Yellowstone Park bison in rut approached me on my motorcycle. I had to stop after 2 bison ran on the road and stopped in front of me.

Yellowstone Elk Encounter, 4:31 min.

When elk fall in love, even a snowmobile looks good to them.

Elk attack in Yellowstone a reminder to keep safe distance, heed warnings, 2:01 min.

A park visitor was attacked by a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

Grizzly Bear Attack in Yellowstone National Park, 2:24 min.

A man has died after a run-in with a grizzly bear — the first fatality in a quarter century.

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear – “Attacks” Car, 4:01 min.

This grizzly bear was really hoping to have lunch with my friend David Peters, his wife Valerie, their niece Sage, and my daughter Elise *in* their car…or maybe it was just interested in that open bag of beef jerky.

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