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My Dove is Not a Candy Bar

With several friends, we were waiting for the sunrise which would mark the start of the dove hunting season. It was our habit to get up early, stuff a donut or two into the ol’ bread box, grab the shotgun, and head for the door. Along for the shoot was a friend’s 10-year-old son, excited to see what all the shootin’ would be about. In our rush to get where we wanted to go, I missed my donut so I asked Whit (Whitaker was the 10-year old’s name) to make a quick run back to the pickup and grab me a candy bar. Not a Krispy Kreme (they weren’t even around then) but at least something that might get me through the first flight of birds. Sure enough, Whit came running back with a candy bar…a Dove candy bar, no less. Talk about concentration!

Dove hunting can be full of surprises. One of those is how in Hell can you miss a bird crossing you at 25 yards off the ground and cross-patterning you at maybe another 25 yards. But that’s what we did. Even the candy bar wouldn’t help, but the thought struck after bird #3 kept flying past me unscathed; Maybe another candy bar would…Nah!  Better yet – another episode of…

Dove Season Opening Day in Texas, 0:57 min.

Dove season starts September 1st.

Dove Hunting Opening Day season 2018/2019,  3:13 min.

May not be rocket science but it’s mostly misses all the same.

Opening Day, Texas Dove Hunting, 1:33 min.

The dove opener signals the start of the traditional hunting season for many states in the south. It’s more than shooting birds. It’s family and friends. It’s conversation and camaraderie. It’s TRADITION.

Dove Hunting Alabama 2019 Opening Day, 2:36 min.

Opening day of dove season South zone Alabama. Took Wren with me and we had a pretty good day. The birds didn’t fly all that great due to nearly 100 degree temps but we got enough for the fryer!

PA Opening Day Dove Season 2019, 3:04 min.

Follow team members, Jon and Anthony, as they take to the fields for the opening day of dove season! Keep in mind this was the first time we have tried dove hunting, but overall it was not a bad day to be out!

First Dove Hunt with Dad, 2:26 min.

Opening day is always a special day on our calendars each year as it is the start of getting to be outdoors away from the city lights doing what we love most…hunting season. This year was extra special getting to take our boys with us to the field for their first real dove hunt.

Yuma: A Dove Hunter’s Paradise, 6:00 min.

See why the September 1st opening day of dove season is a big celebration in Yuma, Arizona.

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