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The Fortunes of Family Hunting

Hunting has its proud moments. Most of us never see them beyond our own experiences but, trust me, there are many that have contributed to the past that you enjoy today and for those of yours who are just waiting with you for tomorrow. You may have hunted all your life, but your life was never – or never will be – as pleasurable as when you take your little buddy – boy buddy or girl buddy – with you for their first hunting experience. Yes, you will probably bring something back for the dinner table and you’ll rejoice at the reaction of your young hunting partners who will be eager to explain how that meat made its journey all the way from the great outdoors to Sunday dinner. Such examples, played out every year, are the real fortunes of families who hunt together.

Those are the moments when you realize that your personal hunting accomplishments pale compared to the enthusiasm you see and hear coming from your own young children. Pictures will help you tell those stories years later but, for the present, you have the pleasure of having their reaction to what they did with you during those days afield touch your heart. So, this time ‘round, here’s a taste of the fortunes available to those families that hunt together at…

Experience A Day of Upland Bird Hunting with Family and Friends, 2:05 min.

Happiness is when family and friends hunt together after church on Sundays.

Raising a Hunting Family, 3:24 min.

Meet an inspiring single mother from Florida and how she’s raising her family with a strong passion for the outdoors.

First Deer Buck for Michigan Youth with Priceless Proud Father, 3:56 min.

11 year old boy arrows his first-ever deer, a velvet 5 point Michigan buck. Priceless reaction!

Father-Son Duo Celebrate First Turkey Double, 1:48 min.

A late-season turkey hunt in the Centennial State provides Bowhunting World Editor Jace Bauserman and his son with memories that will last a lifetime.

Hunting Faith…and Family, 3:20 min.

What you seek in your mind you will find in your heart.

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