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Big Bucks

Some things will cost you. Out of state deer hunting, for instance. If you live in your home state, you can get by with the cost of a resident license: $15 to $30 depending on state. If you don’t live there and plan to go regardless of cost, sell the house.

Some things are priceless and putting one’s focus on a trophy mule deer (which means “Go west, young man!”) make sure you rent where you live and bicycle your way to the daily gig. Hunting trophies like those you can only dream about leaves you with two options: 1) tell the girlfriend goodbye forever, or 2) watch…

Monster 8×7 Colorado Mule Deer Buck, 2:12 min.

What he has in mind, she doesn’t. Tomorrow, maybe.

Popeye! Giant Public Land Mule Deer, 2:37 min.

One of the greatest mule deer ever on Wyoming’s winter range! This monster buck survived several deer hunting seasons on public land.

Alberta Whitetail Rifle Kill. Monster Buck! 3:18 min.

It takes to two shots to put this big bodied Alberta whitetail on the ground.

The Albino Buck, 2:30 min.

This glimpse of a rare deer caught the cameras of Blue Spider Productions.

The World’s Biggest Typical Whitetail Deer: The Milo Hanson Buck, 2:28 min.

Take an inside look at the Milo Hanson Buck, a monster 12-point that scored 213 5/8 in 1993, and still sits atop the Boone and Crockett Club’s record books as the largest typical whitetail in the world.

World Record Archery Mule Deer, 3:44 min.

Chad Kulow from Price, Utah arrowed this pending world and Utah state record typical mule deer on the Henry Mountains. Chad’s monster muley has a gross typical score of 219 4/8″, and a net typical frame of over 210 inches — putting the giant buck at the top of the rankings as the potential Utah state and world record net typical mule deer ever taken with a bow.

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