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Weekend HedSpace Feb.3

Miles Not Yards: The Fascination of Shooting Beyond Your Means

Weekend, Feb. 3-4, 2018 — Way back in the ancient days of rifles in your rear window gun racks and braggarts who bored with exploits of bagging a deer at 500 yards, I used to tell my hunting clients, “Don’t try it!” The emphasis then was on humanely bagging a buck with a well-placed shot at 150 yards, 200 tops. Anything over that risked a mortally wounded and often lost animal. In those days a fixed, 6-power scope was a revelation and we learned to expertly hold over or under to compensate for estimated distance and trajectory, and wind. Then somebody invented a computer and a tethered mouse and, eventually , something called a cell phone.

To say that shooting has come a long way since then is to do disservice to the mental toughness of guys that simply will never be satisfied until they could reach out and hit a target a mile away. Then two miles. Now three miles. And bullseye their way into the record books of the still unimaginable but – don’t doubt this – attainable.

Long range shooting, at first an oddity looking for a purpose, has evolved into competitive shooting, often with oneself. Never being satisfied until they reach the great unknown – and probably even then a dream driven by determination – some shooters take out loans like mortgages to buy the best there is…until tomorrow when something better comes along. That’s the spirit of contemporary long range shooting. While it may not be for everybody, it isn’t until it suddenly is, and you’ve become addicted to challenging yourself beyond whatever you thought would ever be your limitations.

At last week’s giant SHOT Show in Las Vegas, long range shooting products were on display and attracting more attention than it probably deserves. But that’s an indication that it has moved away from the niche category onto something more mature that takes one’s mind off of yards and begins thinking in terms of miles, which is where we stop today to observe a bit of something new in shooting: infinity.

Where that goes nobody yet knows but, in the mid-term, there’s a challenge awaiting in this presentation of…

Elements of Long Range Shooting: Training & Knowledge – Applied Ballistics 1:43 min.

Bryan Litz, ballistician at Berger Bullets and Applied Ballistics, talks about refining the fundamentals of marksmanship through training and knowledge.

Lithgow LA105 Woomera Long Range Rifle at SHOT Range Day 2018 2:38 min.

Australian rifle company Lithgow Arms has introduced a new rifle for the precision rifle shooting (PRS) market. Called the LA-105 Woomera (after an Australian aboriginal type of general purpose atlatl or spear thrower), it is based on the Lithgow Arms LA102 centerfire bolt action rifle, but further accurized and fitted with a Kinetic Research Group developed chassis that is similar to both the Whiskey-3 and X-Ray chassis. The chassis features a simpler stock like the X-Ray, but M-LOK mounting points on the forend similar to the Whiskey-3 and Bravo chassis.

Shooting Fundamentals – Long Range Shooting Technique 4:27 min.

Ryan Cleckner reviews proper shooting technique. A stable platform, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control are key fundamentals to shooting properly.

Purpose-Built Rifles for Long-range Shooting | Applied Ballistics 4:13 min.

Bryan Litz, Founder and President of Applied Ballistics LLC, Chief Ballistician at Berger Bullets and champion rifle shooter, talks about purpose built rifles for long-range shooting and selecting a rifle based on a target shooters intended application.

One Mile Long Shot With The Remington MSR And A New Long Range Shooter 10:18 min.

A one mile long shot is not anything to sniff at. 1760 yards is a rather long way off for even the most experienced of shooters much less a shooter who has only shot past 1000 yards once prior. In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes a Remington MSR on loan from DSG Arms out to Outback Precision Rifle Club to get some expert instruction from Geordie. With proper instruction and a skilled spotter, long range shooting can be a very rewarding shooting discipline.

OVER 2 MILE SHOT (3561 yards with a 338 Lapua Magnum) 13:56 min.

“We are husband and wife and have the pastime of ELR Shooting. We work very well together.
Sam also shoots but is at home behind the spotting scope. My job of shooting is greatly enhanced by my mechanical understanding and ability to modify my rifles to shoot as I want them too.

4549 Yard Shot (2.5 Miles) by HCR Team 3:48 min.

On October 29th, 2016 the team from Hill Country Rifles set up to attempt their longest shot to date using HCR’s Extreme Long Range Tactical rifle in 375 Cheytac. The GPS coordinates put the shot distance at a remarkable 4549 yards. HCR President, Dave Fuqua, developed a fantastic load that produced 3049 fps with only 3.6 fps standard deviation. The shooting was done at Tim Fallon’s FTW Ranch, home of the SAAM Precision Training Course, with shooter Jim Spinella.

Long Range Pursuit | S1 E19 Long Range Shooting Techniques 23:32 min.

Join the Gunwerks’ Long Range Pursuit pro-staff as they review some of the best shots of the year and discuss the shot,including the setup and the equipment used. Be sure to watch the full episode!

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