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What Chicago’s Gun Violence Can Teach the Country


LOYOLA PHOENIX.COM March 20, 2019 – Between the Aurora shooting, New Zealand and the Chicago mayoral race, gun violence is back in the news. It often seems like this conversation — and the policy it results in — never have an impact and much of the reason for this is that we’re not talking about the right things. Each side has its talking points, but what does the data actually say?

Possibly the most important dirty little secret of the gun debate, both in Chicago and nationally, is that there appears to be little correlation between gun ownership and gun crime.

There have been countless studies from the left trying to prove that guns increase crime under the logic that more guns in an area mean more illegal use of guns in that area — only to find this has no effect. The right has responded by saying guns decrease crime with the logic that legal gun owners stop crime — only for their studies to get the same result.

When the Research and Development Corporation (RAND) conducted possibly the largest analysis of studies to date, it found “insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion about the causal relationship between gun prevalence and violent crime” and when one researcher tried to find a relationship, both nationally and internationally, he found “garbage.”

So if guns themselves don’t seem to have much of an impact on gun crime, then what can be done to stop it?

Thankfully there’s one thing that gun crime is strongly related to: crime. This is a fact that is true almost everywhere in the country, in a way that appears to be unconnected with each area’s gun laws, and Chicago is a prime example. [Read More]

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