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Where Will You Find Your Big Buck This Year?

Weekend, Oct. 20-21, 2018 – I don’t know a deer hunter who has not wished – and even planned – for bagging a big buck every hunting season. Wanting and doing are, of course, two different things. But it starts with planning and scouting.  For example, if you know the location of land that typically produces big bucks every year, you need look no further. Just begin making plans to settle in, take the necessary precautions to avoid spooking the critters while also avoiding the sometimes calamitous array of other hunters who may also know what you know:  when and where to set up a stand.

Most of America is whitetail country and game agencies have done a marvelous job managing both the habitat and the deer that live on it. And that’s where you’ll find most of the country’s deer hunters.  Human population is the key.  In the vast West where both whitetails and mule deer roam – the whiteies there are considerably smaller than those of the Midwest, South or East – most hunters are after the much larger mule deer.  As this is written, a major area for mulies in our part of Wyoming opened on October 15, five days ago. Just prior to the opening, a short drive into ranch country where deer in herd numbers gather to feed on the remains of alfalfa fields following the annual hay harvest, it is never difficult to see some big aging mule deer bucks. They won’t be so easy to photograph this weekend however since they can tell by the increased dirt road traffic – and maybe the sinking sun headed to the southern hemisphere – that it’s time to brush up on their escape routes. Some of the biggest bucks, however, ignore open fields and are found in thick sagebrush, which is where I favor for most of my own hunting.

But there are lots of places in any western state nearly all famous for producing trophy bucks where careful research well before the hunting season opening will provide some handy hints for big deer, some of which we’ll show you in this episode of…

Kentucky Trophy Deer Hunting, 3:27 min.

Located in the rolling hills of Western Kentucky, Kentucky Trophy Deer LLC is a family owned and operated business that specializes in trophy whitetail deer. If you are looking for an opportunity to see and hunt big bucks, then Kentucky Trophy Deer is the hunting preserve for you! Whether you are hunting, or just hanging out at the lodge, it is our goal to make sure you experience the hunt of a lifetime and your stay is enjoyable and relaxing!!! From the world class Kentucky whitetails, outstanding amenities, hospitality and to the wooded property itself, you will agree: Kentucky Trophy Deer is the ultimate whitetail hunting experience!!! www.kentuckytrophydeer.com.

Craziest Crossbow Deer Hunt Ever, 3:10 min.

The craziest shot you’ve ever seen! Watch this mule deer’s reaction to getting hit by an arrow. You’re going to be amazed by the end of this video.

Missouri Trophy Whitetail Hunt, 3:37 min.

Join Keith Warren on a Missouri trophy whitetail hunt at Xtreme Whitetail Adventures.

Hunting Big Sagebrush Mule Deer, 3:30 min.

Hunting for trophy-quality mule deer has become more difficult in recent years. Mike Eastman has this tip for hunters still searching for that remarkable buck to call their own.

278″ MONSTER Mule Deer from Utah, 4:40 min.

Hunter Albert Richard was the lucky auction winner of the Utah Governors Tag. This tag allowed Albert to hunt anywhere in the state. After several months of scouting and hunting, Albert was able to harvest this giant 278″ buck with the help of Team MossBack.

Wyoming High Country Mule Deer 2016, 12:40 min.

I try to document all my hunts through the lens of a camera and this hunt was no exception. After spending 27 days hunting mule deer in Wyoming, I was able to capture some awesome footage. I think i will watch this film for the next 5+ years and remember the 2016 season as the good ole days.

Big Colorado Mule Deer Buck – Archery Hunt, 7:47 min.

There’s nothing like hunting big mule deer bucks in the high country! Watch Lewie Foltz as he hunts a huge mule deer high above treeline in Colorado.

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