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Why Do The People In Our Industry Carry?

MEDIA DIRECT.COM March 19, 2018 – Our industry (Firearms) is facing the strongest opposition that it has arguably ever seen. The anti-gun movement does not represent the majority of Americans but… they are much louder. Not anymore. Starting March 23 at 8:00 a.m. MST post videos, photos and stories to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to tell the world why you carry and use the hashtag #WHYICARRY.

Forward this message on to every other contact in the industry that you have. Spread the message. This is to support the industry and our right to keep and bear arms. We can not stay silent. We have to be loud. Share your stories and inspire our industry to share theirs! Let’s pass this message and make an effort to send one loud, clear message on March 23-25.  [full article]

MARCH 23-25

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