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Why Shoot Prairie Dogs?

From the top of what the locals ambitiously describe as a “hill,” I can see for 20 or 30 miles without electrical lines of any sort breaking the view. It is quiet, with no artificial sounds encroaching upon the wind and the birds and the crickets. And then the guns open up, with a crack, a whistling sound, and, on occasion, the familiar high-pitched twang of a ricochet. Yes, I am here, in America’s most peaceful place, to shoot prairie dogs. Yes, those prairie dogs — the cute, bewhiskered, gopher-like little buggers that pop out of their mounds and stand on their hind legs, twitching. The prairie dogs of Dorling Kindersley “Nature!” books and stylized children’s cartoons. The chirpy, fidgety things you see as here-is-the-Midwest scene-setters on Planet Earth. Why? Well, because someone has to.  [full article]

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