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WI – GUN CRIME – Kyle Rittenhouse becomes poster boy for armed self-defense after Kenosha shooting

A small shrine at an intersection in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin, memorializes Anthony Huber and Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum, two men who were shot dead at close range during an ugly, chaotic night of protests and rioting late last month. The accused gunman, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was seen at the protest toting an AR-15 rifle, faces two charges of intentional homicide and one of attempted homicide. Rittenhouse has emerged as the latest conservative cause célèbre in a highly politicized campaign over gun rights in the U.S. and the perennial debate about armed citizens defending themselves. “This is 100 per cent self-defence,” said John Pierce, one of Rittenhouse’s lawyers last week in an interview with Fox News. “He was in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death” after a “mob” chasing his client was “hunting him down like prey.” Pierce, along with fellow lawyers Lin Wood and Lawson Pedigo, established the #FightBack Foundation in late August to “check the radical left’s lies and intimidation,” says its website. The foundation has taken in over $600,000 for Rittenhouse’s legal defence, Wood said in a tweet. The foundation says the “far left” control the media and city governments, and it bemoans the “deep state” and “fake news.” The National Foundation for Gun Rights, based in Loveland, Colorado, announced Aug. 27 it is raising funds for Rittenhouse’s legal defence. It is the legal arm of the National Association for Gun Rights. The group Republicans United at Arizona State University has pledged that half of all funds collected this semester will be donated to the #FightBack Foundation to help defend Rittenhouse, who was “defending his life.” A Christian crowdfunding site is separately raising more funds — over $450,000 as of this week.  [full article]

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