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WI – HUNTING/CO – WILDLIFE – Wisconsin police say priest is being harassed for hunting deer on abbey grounds; a Colorado Woman feeds deer in her kitchen (VIDEO)

Police in Wisconsin have spoken out to stop the criminal harassment of a priest who has been heckled and vandalized for hunting deer, to help feed the hungry, on the private grounds of the 160-acre abbey where he resides. The De Pere Police Department says that the harassment toward Father Jordan Neeck has stopped since the Norbertine priest filed a police report and authorities shared the story with local media last week, WBAY reports. However, the threat is still concerning. Neeck enjoys bow hunting, and has harvested four deer on the sprawling property of St. Norbert Abbey so far this fall, donating the deer to a local food bank to help feed families in need. The priest is a licensed hunter with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR,) and has had the abbey’s permission to hunt on its grounds since 2016, as the Green Bay area has an overpopulation of deer. Though the clergyman has never been criticized for his passion for the outdoor sport in years past, he summed up the 2020 season as “a year of many problems.” The trouble reportedly began as soon as he started hunting this fall.

“First hint was probably opening weekend of bow hunting in which people have approached me and said, ‘Shame on you’ and I’m thinking I’m on my own private property, given permission to do this and following all the regulations provided by the Wisconsin DNR,” Neeck told WBAY last week. “I’ve checked the City of De Pere regulations and ordinances, and Village of Allouez ordinances, everything I’m doing is legal.”  [full article]

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