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WI – HUNTING – Deer Hunt 2020: The Health of the Herd (VIDEO)

About 580,000 hunters are expected to take to the outdoors for the nine-day season. Experts say those trophy deer are out there, and this year’s herd looks relatively healthy. On a typical Northeast Wisconsin farm field, bucks and does are on the move. Door County Deer Advisory Council Chair Greg Coulthurst says he’s seen plenty of deer this year. “And a lot of big deer. Some of your average two and a half year old bucks are weighing quite a bit. They look very healthy,” said Greg Coulthurst, Door County Deer Advisory Council Chair. The new season begins on Saturday. By many accounts the Deer Hunt 2019 harvest was disappointing, down nearly 24 percent statewide. “There were multiple variables at play, and trying to figure out which one it was. Was it the weather? Was it the lateness? Was it the standing crops? The wetness, all kinds, the blizzard?” asked Jeff Pritzl, DNR District Wildlife Supervisor. Pritzl says that led to some changes. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a “Bucks Only” season for Forest, northern Oconto, and northern Marinette Counties. “They took our 350 deer quota, our antlerless deer quota, and knocked it down to zero. So that we’re dealing with a bucks only harvest. We obviously thought that the situation would tolerate the 350 number that we gave to the NRB, but they have some other resources at hand, and decided that the situation in the northern forest was, it required maintaining the number of antlerless, the does, high enough to try to increase the number of deer in the future,” said Tom Johnston, Marinette County Deer Advisory Council Chair.  [full article]

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