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WI – HUNTING – Manitowoc outdoors report: Wisconsin’s third elk hunt accepting applications until May 31

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will accept applications for the 2020 elk hunt until May 31. This fall marks the third elk hunt in state history. The northern elk population peaked at about 280 last year, and with more than 100 breeding-age cows in the herd, we’re anticipating continued herd growth and are confident that a hunt will occur. Just how many tags are offered will be determined this spring. Last year marked Wisconsin’s second managed elk hunt in state history when a harvest quota of 10 bulls was established within the original Clam Lake elk range. It was known before the hunt started that there were a good number of older bulls in the herd, and several of those harvested were 8 to 10 years old. Some of the bigger bulls that we know about are still out there! More than 60,000 Wisconsinites applied during the first two years of managed elk hunting, showing the appeal to many state hunters to pursue yet another big-game animal in Wisconsin.  [full article]

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