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WI – HUNTING – Youth Gun Deer Hunt Adds More Color to Fall

Fall colors are starting to fire up on the peninsula, the beginning of what’s likely to be a two- to three-week period of spectacular beauty. In addition to the reds, yellows and rusty browns, the keen-eyed among you might spot some blaze orange or blaze pink this weekend as hundreds of youth hunters get out for an early shot at some venison. Wisconsin’s annual youth gun deer hunt, Oct. 5-6, gives those aged 15 and younger an opportunity to hunt and learn under the watchful eye of experienced mentors. As a reminder, all hunters – except those after waterfowl – are under the blaze clothing requirements during any gun deer season. Both resident and nonresident youths are eligible to hunt deer with a gun, bow or crossbow. The bag limit is one buck with a gun buck deer harvest authorization, plus additional antlerless deer valid for the county and land type (public access or private).The youths must be mentored by a parent, guardian or other adult who has received permission from the hunter’s parent or guardian. For hunters younger than 12 and those who have not completed hunter education, the mentor must also be a hunter-education graduate and hold a current hunting license. Adults accompanying youth hunters may possess a bow, crossbow or gun to hunt for a game species that is open at that time, including deer with a bow or crossbow only.  [full article]

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