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WI – LAW ENFORCEMENT – More women pursuing careers in law enforcement (VIDEO)

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – The law enforcement field has long been perceived as a male dominated industry. New data from Chippewa Valley Technical College shows more women are seeking careers in law enforcement. The spring 2017 law enforcement academy class at CVTC had 17 students and only one of them was a woman, that’s not even 6%of the overall class. Fast forward four years, the spring class this year has 22 students with eight of them, more than a third of the class, being women.  When it comes to getting a job after graduation, the number of women being hired is also increasing. “For our department, we have seen more officers get hired with the Eau Claire Police Department,” says Riley McLennan with the Eau Claire Police Department. “There’s been a handful more that have been hired since I’ve been working here as well.” McLennan has been with ECPD for five years, and she says it’s encouraging to see more women pursuing the profession. “I think it’s great that there’s more involvement of females going into law enforcement. I hope that gives females more interest in going into law enforcement, even starting at girls of a young age for that too.” [full article]

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