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WI – LE – Five things you should know about guns lost by G4S, the largest security company in the world

Private security company G4S arms approximately 5,700 guards throughout the United States. The company is licensed as a federal firearms dealer, even though it’s not in the business of selling guns. A USA TODAY/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation found that G4S employees lose their company guns more than once a week, on average. Some of those guns are turning up in violent crimes, a problem G4S has been aware of for years but has been unable to rectify. In ?a November ?interview, G4S Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel Michael Hogsten said the company in 2012 improved its ability to track company guns by overhauling its weapons policies and? digitizing its paper records. The company often finds or retrieves many of the guns it reports missing before they wind up on the street, he said.?“Not one loss of a firearm is acceptable to us,” Hogsten said. Here are five quick takeaways from the latest installment of our investigation into G4S: G4S has reported at least 640 weapons lost or stolen since 2009. On average, G4S has reported 59 guns missing per year. Those losses have continued at a steady pace, even after the company changed its policies in 2012. ?For perspective, the Drug Enforcement Agency — which has twice as many guns as G4S — loses an average of five annually, according to federal audits. One of the missing G4S guns ?was held to a woman’s head as a man threatened to rape her. Another was used to pistol-whip a pizza delivery driver. A third ended the lives of two men playing video games.?[full article]

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