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WI – LE – Real-life shooting simulator provides ‘eye-opening experience’ to citizen’s academy participants (VIDEO)

A new class of students graduated Thursday night from the Brown County Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy. They spent 10 weeks learning about different kinds of calls and cases officers respond to, but they ended with the most intense session — a shooting simulator — that gave them a glimpse of how officer-involved shootings unfold. In that simulator, students watch video of an incident playing out in front of them on a screen that stretches floor to ceiling. They can interact with those people, talking back to them and yelling commands. In the first scenario, there is an argument at a hotel that led to police being called. Officers helping with the academy say that kind of call happens often, and in this particular case, it escalates rapidly. The man at the center of attention grabs a gun from a table near him and shoots at the students before they ever fire off a shot. As Brown County Sheriff’s deputies review the situation with the class immediately after it ends, the student in the officer role says he never saw the gun, sitting in plain view, right in front of him.  [full article]

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