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Wild Hog Hunting VIDEOS

Aimpoint Hunters Video Wild Boar Fever, 4:56 min.

Keeping your shooting eye sharp is a lesson learned as hog after hog falls to the meat hunter.

Big Boar Dropped by Bow Hunter in Texas, 1:31 min.

Texas Connection Outdoors member, Alex Bommer, drops a huge 200+ pound boar with his Mathews Switchback XT bow.

Hog Hunting Highlight Reel, 3:01 min.

If you like hog hunting…this video will get you going!

World’s First Helicopter Hog Hunt with Crossbow, 2:42 min.

Matt Busbice knocks down hogs from a helicopter with a crossbow in an effort to eradicate an invasive feral species!

Best Wild Boar Hunting in Texas, 4:01 min.

Texas is known for its hog hunting. Join Keith as he experiences some of the best wild boar hunting there is in Texas.

Extreme Hog Hunting – Two MONSTER Hogs, 7:16 min.

Joshua White has enlisted the help of his North Texas counterpart Daniel Casas in ridding the local crop county of its monster hog problem.

Wild Boar Hunting compilation pig attack boar attack hog attack, 10:56 min.

Hog hunting is like a box of chocolates….

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