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Wild Hog Hunting VIDEOS

Top Ten Hog Hunting Fails: Graphic!!! 3:35 min.

This Video Is All About Pig Attacks Aa We All Know That Pigs Are Very Dangerous Animals If They Get Angry.

Giant Hog Killed in Missouri 6:54 min.

Giant hog killed using 12 gauge Savage Arms shotgun. In this video I chase one the largest hogs I’ve ever seen on my hunt at High Adventure Ranch in Missouri.

Bringing Down a Giant Boar 4:34 min.

With a single shot, Jett Webb was able to bring down a giant wild boar wreaking havoc in Eastern North Carolina.

Hogs Wild – Fighting the Feral Pig Problem – Texas Parks and Wildlife 8:41 min.

Feral hogs are running wild across Texas, at great cost to farmers, ranchers, and native wildlife. Hunters are helping, but science may prove critical to controlling the invasion on a broader scale.

Pig Attacks! 2:20 min.

Here’s a compilation of pigs attacking the hunter when it gets too close or when they’ve missed their shot. There is some footage of Bear Gryls trying to take down a pig but gets bitten.

Bow Killed 3 fat hogs in seconds! 5:38 min.

Tim still hunts in close to a herd of fat hogs then kills three before they can figure out what hit em. This gives you an idea of how deadly a bow is in tight cover. Slock reload, Slock reload, and Ka Slock!!! Pig and fire ants are two top threats to the Texas ecosystem. No mercy.

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