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WILD WHITETAILS: Deer Stories: Funny (and Weird) Mistakes I Made That Cost Me Deer–ly

REALTREE.COM From the Archives – No Deer Were Harmed in the Making of This Article

So, when it comes to deer hunting, the common cliché is that outdoor writers, editors, hunting show hosts, and other outdoor industry “professionals” have it all figured out. My question — outdoor writers have it all figured out, eh? My response to my question — Bah. Gah. Naw. Is you mad? Bro…absolutely not. I’m a professional outdoor communicator — not deer hunter.

Sure, most of us know a thing or two. We know the biology of a whitetail. The effects of weather, moon patterns and other factors on whitetail behavior. The digestion system of a whitetail and their feeding patterns. The typical bedding behavior of a mature buck. The ballistics on all the different calibers. The process of which is used to tune a bow. And so on.

So, you might say that we have applicable knowledge. You might say we’ve stacked up enough critters to fill a barn. But the game we pursue still dupes, evades, outwits, outsmarts, shirks and humbles us. We still screw up hunts. Blow out deer. And make enough mistakes to fill a book. Here are 10 of my most humbling, and perhaps embarrassing, moments afield.

If you can’t laugh at yourself…  [full article]

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