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Wildlife Trail cam VIDEOS

Extreme Buck Fight 2 “On the Road” 5:38 min.

Trail Camera Wildlife Mysteries 5:59 min.

Often at night we wonder about the wild sounds heard just inside the forest. Using a high definition motion activated camera I was curious to experiment and see what species would walk in front of the camera. After a lifetime of tracking animals by prints in the snow and mud this was something very different for me to try.

The Badger Whisperer – Face to Face with the American Badger! 4:38 min.

The Internet has made the Honey Badger a true celebrity but in the wake of its stardom North America’s Badger has gone a bit unnoticed…until now! This week Coyote Peterson and the crew are headed into the back country of Montana to work with Moxie, an American Badger who was abandoned as a cub and raised in captivity to be an ambassador for her species.

Mountain Lion Stand Off With Hiker 1:52 min.

Here is my standoff with a mountain lion that happened last summer in Glacier National Park.

Holy Big Moose, Batman! 0:51 sec.

Dog gone nuts but brave despite the difference in size.

Grizzly Mother Bear Chases Down Elk – Most Shocking Kill 1:04 min.

The grizzly bear is at the top of the food chain. This awe inspiring giant has the ability to reach speeds of over 30 miles an hour! In this rare footage, filmed from a helicopter hovering above Yellowstone, we witness a large mother Grizzly bear chase down a young elk. This may be the fastest bear ever filmed in the wild! The elk calf has a chance to escape, until it makes a fatal mistake. Nature can seem cruel. But as the mother bear’s cubs approach, we are reminded that oftentimes in the wild, something has to die for something else to live.

Caught in the Wild 9:57 min.

My cousins and I untangle a wild deer caught in a barb wire fence in Northeast Kansas. Sorry about the lousy filming. My little brother did most of it. I had to cut a lot of the footage. I think he was caught up in the show. This was recently featured on Animal Planet’s ‘Untamed and Uncut’

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